Case Study- Tree survey in South Belfast

Andrew from Tree Survey N.I was approached by an Architect client who required an arboricultural impact assessment in South Belfast for a large scale residential development.

The client had heard about Andrew through another satisfied customer.

The main issues were a series of large Root Protection Areas which formed a major constraint to the developable land.

The development included a number of subterranean structures and was unsure how to proceed.

After a site visit, Andrew assessed the situation and provided a quote along with some initial feedback on what could be realistically achieved.

The client was keen to proceed and an initial tree survey was carried out.

A detailed report was generated with tree constraints information added. This included accurate crown spread and Root protection areas or TPZ’s.

The survey found that a number of mature trees were in fact in a poor condition with internal decay. These trees were marked for removal irrespective of the plans for the site. This automatically increased the developable area.

A slight change in the final shape of one of the buildings was all that was required to totally avoid all of the remaining Root protection areas and allow the planning application to be passed by the council’s tree officer.