What is the difference between an Arboricultural Consultant and a tree surgeon?

A tree surgeon specialises in carrying out pruning, reduction and felling of trees using chainsaws and other equipment. They should be NPTC trained https://www.nptc.org.uk/default.aspx

An arboricultural consultant is a professional who uses their knowledge, qualifications and experience to carry out tree surveys and produce reports for clients. New planning applications require a detailed tree survey as part of the submitted package. Arboricultural consultants also advise clients on tree related issues from mortgages to insurance and from tree safety to required tree surgery. Arboricultural consultants should be professional members of the Arboricultural Association. https://www.trees.org.uk/

Do you, as an independent arboricultural consultant, carry out tree surgery?

No. My primary role is offering advice and tree surveys in Northern Ireland. This allows me to remain independent and subjective with tree management, client satisfaction and customer service are a priority.

I’m not sure if I need a tree survey. What do you advise?

The simple answer is that if you have trees you should have them inspected on a regular basis as part of your duty of care. If a tree you own fails and you have no history of inspection it may raise issues if problems arise.

How much do tree surveys in Northern Ireland cost?

Each tree survey is quoted individually and everyone is different. I offer free, no-obligation quotations for all tree surveys. Get in touch at [email protected].

The council have put a Tree Preservation order on my trees, what do you advise?

This is a common occurrence in cities like Belfast and towns throughout Northern Ireland. I would advise getting in touch for a consultation to discuss the options. It is not always an open and shut case and a professional tree survey may be a useful tool in dealing with this issue.