Tree survey for a Mortgage

Tree survey for Mortgage

When proceeding through the mortgage application it is common for the building survey to make comment on the tree population of a property and recommend that a professional tree survey is carried out.

The bank or building society may recommend an arboricultural consultant or leave it up to the home buyer to arrange.

Tree surveys to support mortgage applications can vary in scope but usually include the species, dimensions, age, condition and any notes about the health and condition of the trees. This can include information on longevity and future growth and any impact that the tree may ave in the future. Damage clearly associated with the tree should also be identified.

These reports are useful on many levels. Not only do they provide information to the new owners and mortgage provider but they also give the owner an insight into the future management of their trees which fits well with the duty of care responsibilities.

Lastly the owner gets a detailed inventory of their tree population which in many cases can turn up trees which are unusual or aesthetically pleasing talking points.


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