Tree safety inspection. A beautiful day in Mourne country.

Today I was tasked with the inspection of 3 mature trees growing within a woodland setting.

Trees within a woodland can be considered low risk in most circumstances due to the lack of foot traffic around them.

In this case however, these trees overshadowed a very busy mountain biking trail.

With this in mind in conjunction with a conservation mentality the decision has been made to reduce the trees to Monolithic poles. Monoliths offer a resource to wildlife but lessen the risk to adjacent targets.

Obviously retaining the tree and letting nature take its course would be fantastic in an ideal world but trees in busy environment must be managed. However there are alternatives to total removal which should always be considered. These alternatives allow the tree to remain for a while longer and offer a positive contribution to the health of the woodland of which they are members.

If you have trees which you suspect may be dangerous, get in touch for a chat with Andrew at Tree survey N.I on 07834895556