Spruce Problems in N.Ireland

Tree survey in Belfast- Spruce

As a tree expert producing tree surveys I am often called to private gardens to inspect trees showing signs of disease or ill health. One example of this is a Spruce tree found during a recent tree survey in Belfast. The Spruce has suffered an Aphid infestation in the Spring which has resulted in the death of older foliage. The tips are still viable and growing so the tree should recover in time bar another infestation. This is common on many Spruce through N.Ireland and I am seeing it more and more. This week alone, I have discovered examples in Co Down and Co Antrim during tree surveys. The mild winter did nothing to hinder the growth of the Aphid population which resulted in an explosion of colonies and the Spruce has suffered as a result. Forest Service Northern Ireland is aware of the situation and continues to monitor the issue.

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